Wandsworth Primary Schools' Consortium

Application Process

Apply directly through DfE Apply

All applications for our PGCE courses are processed by DfE Apply. You will need to have all your personal information, qualification details and work history to hand to complete the application. You will also need to write a succinct and compelling supporting statement which highlights:

  • your understanding of the full scope of the class teacher role (including leadership and safeguarding responsibilities),
  • your subject knowledge and readiness to teach across the primary age-range,
  • the transferable skills and experiences you have accrued which have prepared you for the practical and academic components of the PGCE,
  • your awareness of educational issues and your commitment to working on diverse, London schools, and
  • your commitment to teacher training and readiness take on the challenges of demanding training year. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I have not obtained all my qualifications yet?

It is not a requirement that all qualifications are in place prior to application or interview. However, you will need to ensure your application clearly indicates any qualifications you are yet to take, or receive results for, and the timeframe for securing these.

What if I have not had experience in school yet?

It is not a requirement that you secure school experience prior to application or interview. However, please ensure we highly recommend that you do secure some school experience prior to taking the decision to train to teach. We can support you in arranging a short placement and can discuss this with you before or during the interview. 

How do I find you on the DfE system?

1. Use the search function on Search on Find Postgraduate Teacher Training

2. Search by 'training provider name', Wandsworth Primary Schools' Consortium and select 'Primary' or search by postcode: SW8 4EN. 

3. Select either the Primary (3-7yr) (X121) or the Primary (5-11yr) (X100) course.

3. Click on 'Apply'. NB: You will need to register with DfE Apply  to use this service. Registration is free. 

How long is the Primary PGCE programme?

Both routes are full time, non-modular, last one year and begin in September 2024.

When can I apply?

The application process for courses starting in September 2024 will be open from  October 2023. No applications are accepted outside of the DfE Apply process.  You are advised to apply as early as possible. 

Can I start the course later or undertake it on a part time basis?

The courses are neither modular nor flexible. There are no specialist subjects.

How do I provide references?

Typically, you need two references, at least one of which should be from recent employment. 

Referees should be named individuals rather than a human resources team or academic department.

Suitable references are a condition of any offer and it is important that referees are ready to provide their reference as soon as an offer has been made.  Contac them before you apply so they understand why you are applying and what they will be asked to do.

Choose referees who will endorse your:

  • teaching passion and potential
  • suitability for working with children
  • academic abilities
  • reliability,  professionalism and work ethic
  • verbal communication and written language skills

Ideal referees could include:

  • your university tutor or supervisor
  • your current line manager at work
  • your previous employer
  • a teacher at a school where you work or volunteer
  • a supplier or client you’ve worked with (if you are self-employed)

Referees should not be family members, partners or friends and must submit their reference from a work email or that of their educational institution. 

We may consider a character reference as a second reference in some circumstances but we will discuss this with you prior to interview. 

If you’re struggling to choose your referees, get free, one-on-one guidance from a DfE teacher training adviser.

Who can I contact about the status of my application?

Initially, updates relating to your application will be logged on DfE Apply. Check your account regularly. If your application is successful, your interview date and information will be shared via DfE Apply. Once you have attended interview, your feedback will also be shared via DfE Apply.

However, if at any stage you need support or to share additional information regarding your application contact Sam Steward  at wpsc@scitt.wandsworth.sch.uk