Wandsworth Primary Schools' Consortium

Interview Process

How to apply for a place on our PGCE

Interviews take place between November and July.

Successful candidates will be sent details of the interview process to ensure they are well-prepared.

The Interview Day

Interviews take place at our training suite at St Mary's Primary School to ensure candidates have an opportunity to see the facilities and meet the team. There is also an opportunity to spend time in the classroom at one of our consortium schools.

In order to get to know you as well as possible on the day, we invite you to take part in a range of interview ‘activities’. We hope these experiences give you the opportunity to share your passion for teaching, as well as giving us an insight into the experiences you have had prior to the course.

Although the interview day is busy, we offer a warm welcome and put you at your ease. We recognise that many candidates are career-changers, or are returning to work from a break not having interviewed for some time. Remember that this opportunity is equally a chance for you to get to know us.

What does a typical interview look like?

What will I do? What do I prepare?
Visit a local consortium school

There’s no need to plan and prepare. You will be invited to join a small group at an activity planned by the class teacher.

This opportunity will give you a ‘feel’ for our local schools, and will give us a sense of your ‘rapport’ with children in the primary age-range.

Interview with  two members of the consortium team

You will be notified of two questions which can be considered ahead. All other questions will simply facilitate a good conversation about your experience to-date, and your readiness for the course.

Rereading your UCAS application form can be useful preparation.

Join a group task

There’s nothing to prepare for this task. There will be no more than five other candidates with you, but often groups are smaller.

We will provide a simple topic for the group to discuss. The topic is accessible to all candidates, even if you have limited or no experience in schools.

Complete a short English and maths question paper This is a short activity designed to give us a sense of your areas of strength and areas requiring a little practice. We might set  revision targets for you to work on prior to the course as a result of this activity.
Share your identity and qualification  documents Read the interview invitation for full details of the documents you need to bring.